american standard sink

American Standard Sinks

In the United States of America, American Standard is a great brand of bathroom and kitchen equipment, covering a broad diversity of products that boast quality and professional performance. American Standard sinks have become a national prototype within this field and gradually heads to gaining international positive status.

Before having the discussion to hinge around American Standard sinks, let's have a look at the company's history in order to have an insight into the facts that put it at such a high level of appreciation in the industry. The company was founded in 1875, but it was only in 1967 that it adopted the current name. The initial name of the American Standard sinks producing company was Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company and it restricted its area of activity to plumbing products. Nowadays, the company puts at the customers' disposal a large and wide spectrum of devices and equipment pieces including bathroom sinks, lighting fixtures, showers, toilets, whirlpool tubs, kitchen sinks and faucets, and many other accessories that go along with the previous mentioned products. Among the main accessories offered by this company one can find bidets, bidet faucets, bath lighting, medicine cabinets, bathroom shelves, shower faucets, soap dishes, and towel rods.

But let us carry on with the story of the company. The production of toilets and built-in tubs started in the early 1900s and brought the manufacturing company to the level of the world's largest bathroom fixture producer by 1929. Currently, the producer of American Standard sinks is labeled as the world's leading kitchen and bath product manufacturer. Its market has both consumer and commercial segments, expanding its distribution network across 40 countries.

American Standard sinks come to meet the context according to which more and more expectations from the kitchen quality are settled. The company focuses on the fact that families spend many hours together in this space and that it becomes the main gathering room for guests. This is why American Standard seek to optimize the production of American Standard sinks so that they can satisfy more needs at once. The process of remodeling and defining a kitchen starts with the very basic element- the sink. American Standard sinks are available in a variety of shapes and designs that ranges from single bowl, double bowl to triple bowl and specialty sinks. Stainless steel, cast iron and composite are materials used in the fabrication of American Standard sinks and the customer can decide upon a certain model using the guide engine that incorporates fields like color, shape, number of faucets, type (under-rimming, under-mount, apron front etc).

American Standard provides additional accessories to sinks that make them more functional and enjoyable to use. The principle is to offer the customer a set of products as complete as possible.