copper apron sink

Copper Apron Sink

Today's manufacturing methods allow sink producing companies to choose from a wide range of materials and play with them in creating various models that differ in size, shape and design. Copper apron sinks combine the material with the design in order to provide a unique model that stands out through elegance, durability and functionality. Copper is a material with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and it also has a color that gives a unique aspect of vintage. The apron with which is endowed a sink contributes to a better integration of the latter within the kitchen furniture, especially the piece that goes to cover the lower part of the sink.

Companies producing copper apron sinks choose the manual method of fabrication so that they can ensure an optimal finish and a high level of customization. Options like under-mount or surface mount applications are available along those specific for copper apron sinks. A design that includes single or multiple bowls can be utilized at such sink. Copper apron sinks can have multiple bowls, each with a separate dimension if that is the customer's desire. Drain boards come as special features,and the aprons can be customarily shaped and offered a special finish at demand.

Many manufacturers of copper apron sinks try to exploit the customizing service as a way to allow the client to take part in their designing process. Original handcrafted models result from this collaboration client- manufacturer.

Next, the article will analyze a couple of models of copper apron sinks and identify the set of characteristics that define a good prototype. One example refers to a copper apron sink that has been crafted by specialist artisans from Mexico. Copper apron sinks make home improvement easier due to the design that merges with the other elements from the kitchen. Hand welding and hammering are executed with art and they observe the principle of durability. Proper clean up and drainage are ensured by rolled edges and the finish is exclusively of wax done for a high degree of protection. The model is a 16 gauge one and the rubbed bronze patina gives a special touch to it. Its dimensions are 33 inches in length, 22 inches in width and 9 inches in height.

A second example is represented by a single bowl copper apron front kitchen sink that is equipped with a solid 14 gauge and matching basket trainer. The installation can be done in drop-in or under-mount manner. A rich patina is created over time, giving an aesthetic aspect to it.

Specialists say that copper apron sinks have to have rear corner drains so that the waste of work area is minimized. A rear center drain will reduce the place inside which items could be placed, also covering the drain. Once the design of copper apron sinks includes rear corner drains, these problems are solved. Also, a specialist's advice regarding the depth of the sink bowl advocates the use of 8 inch deep copper apron sinks. This type of sinks is the most ergonomic and comfortable and the respective depth accommodates models that have rear corner drains.