kitchen sinks and taps

Kitchen Sinks and Taps

The article aims at presenting you a list of kitchen sinks and taps as comprehensive as possible, taking the example of Astracast, an industry leading company that is renowned for its team of designers, engineers and craftsmen who collaborate to create stunning practical and visual solutions in the field.

Astracast's line of kitchen sinks and taps stands out through its innovative character, a feature that has propelled the company to the top of the hierarchy. For over 20 years, this firm gained and maintained the reputation of worldwide market leader, fabricating accessories in addition to award-winning, original yet practical kitchen sinks and taps.

Their portfolio is divided into two main sections: kitchen sinks and taps. These two are systematically organized according to several criteria. The former is structured on the basis of the following standards: material and way of installation. The latter, the group of taps, is structured after their type. The discussion on kitchen sinks and taps will continue by presenting in detail the types available according the earlier mentioned criteria. Let's take the class of sinks.

Depending on the material, Astracast sinks can be made of stainless steel, composite, ceramic, sylex, teflite and other types of materials. Each of these kinds are to be briefly presented:
- Stainless steel sinks : are easy to clean due to the hygienic material that also offers long lasting corrosion resistance and is able of withstanding the action of common household acids and detergents;
- Composite sinks : providing ultimate material performance, they are yet easy to clean and resistant to household chemicals; the composite models include ROK Metallic, Quartz and granite ROK prototypes;
- Ceramic sinks : with a finish of fire-clay, the sinks are individually handcrafted and cool and silky to the touch. Their surface is non porous, which ensures resistance against the action of chemicals and heat;
- Sylex sinks : they are a successful combination between pleasant aspect and practicality, also being more economic in comparison to those made of composite. Endowed with a no porous surface that is easy to clean, these sinks have high impact resistance and can withstand the action of a 180 -degree temperature;
- Teflite sinks : this type of sinks is resistant to scratching, staining and chipping.

As far as the way of installation is concerned, the class of sinks can be categorized into:
- Undermount sinks : the sink is installed by mounting it to the underside of the work surface, which results into a clean, uncluttered look.
- Inset sinks : they are set with their rim sitting on top of the work surface;
- Sit On sinks : mounted directly on top of kitchen base units, they replace a section of the kitchen worktop;
- Sit In sinks : they are mounted in between the kitchen unit and the work surface.

Next, the article on kitchen sinks and taps will continue with details about the types of taps available in the Astracast's portfolio. The only criterion that structures the group of taps is their type. Hence, one can distinguish the following subclasses:
- Stainless steel taps : designed in a cutting edge contemporary manner, they come with a lifetime finish guarantee; the styles of available taps are single lever and mono-block;
- Contemporary taps : tall, angular and robust design with modern touches; the taps have architecturally contrived bodies and elongated spouts with a long reach;
- Traditional taps : contemporary features are mixed with craftsmanship, elegance and classic styling elements;
- Springflow taps : they provide a safe and healthy flow of fresh filtered water, obtained from combining hot and cold running water with a source of odorless, filtered water;
- Professional taps : they enable professional chefs to perform cleansing, rinsing and food preparation easily thanks to the extendable hoses and pull-out spray heads with which water is totally controlled in the sink area;
- Classic taps : available in single lever, pillar, mono-block and 3- piece variations, they fit any kitchen, be it one from a traditional farmhouse or contemporary apartment;